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We at d’Vines have a two-fold mission.  Our first mission is to make wine approachable for everyone.  Wine has always carried with it a certain cache of elitism. Historically there has certainly an element of that, and there are plenty of would-be sommeliers who want to reinforce that image.  But wine is one of life’s simple pleasures that can and should be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.  Knowledge about wine should be an enhancer to the enjoyment, not as a weapon to make others feel inferior.  


Our second mission is to introduce people to a wider world of wine than they knew existed.  Most novice wine drinkers, and many experienced ones, settle into a very narrow rut of wines.  In America this is mostly California Cabernets and Merlots. While these can be good wines, there are literally hundreds of other options that bring significantly different experience to the taster.


We are a family owned and operated business - and we love family owned businesses.  That is why we go out of our way to find vineyards who not only have great wines, but also are family owned, small production types of places.  We love it even more when they have a great story to tell.  These are the wines we want to share with our customers.  


We created d’Vines - A Wine Experience - to be more than just a wine shop, more than just a tasting room, we created it as a place where anyone can come in and truly enjoy the entire wine experience.


We hope to see you soon!

Our Team

Sasha Divine

 "The Chef"  - our General Manager, Sasha brings nearly two decades of restaurant experience to his role.  Sasha manages the day to day operations and supervises the d'Vines team, ensuring that all guests have a great experiene when they visit.

Christina Divine

  "The Matriarch" - Christina brings decades of accounting and financial experience to the our venture.  A military veteran and avid wine drinker (not wine snob), Christina helps make sure we are living up to our own expectations and staying in compliance with all of the required state alcohol regulations.

James Divine

 "The Wine Gypsy" - James has had a long-term love affair with wine and travel.  He handles our business development, logistics and marketing.  When he isn't somewhere around the world visiting wineries or enjoying Joie de Vivre, you will find him pouring drinks for our guests and sharing his passion for wine.

Charitable Works

We believe that supporting charitable works is just the right thing to do.  Our owners have a long history of supporting various charities, both local and beyond.  This is part of who we are.  

Charity Tastings

On the third Thursday of each month we offer a special hand-poured tasting event where half of the proceeds go directly to a local non-profit organization.  Each month will feature a different charity.  If you have a group who would be interested in being featured at one of these events, please contact us!

Public Broadcasting

We are long time supporters of public radio.  We are thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to our local WFIU Radio by being a corporate underwriter for the "Just You & Me" music program with host David Brent Johnson.


"Dreams are universal, opportunity is not" - that is the motto of the international micro-lending program Kiva.org.  They act as a crowdsourcing provider of loans to individuals and groups around the globe where traditional banking opportunities may not be an option.  Often times these are made to people in war-torn countries, refugees and struggling parents looking to improve their lot in life..  As the loans are repaid, that money can then be relent to another worthy effort.  We regularly participate in funding for these and love seeing how even small amounts of money can be transformative to someones life. 

To date we have helped fund loans to more than 88 people in 52 countries.  See their stories here.


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